6 Fall Destinations in Jasper, Georgia

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Fall is finally here! If you are thinking about a place to visit for a quick fall trip, then Jasper, Georgia, has some great options!

Located 50 miles north of Atlanta, Georgia, this place has several attractions you can enjoy during the fall months.

Here are just a few things to do when visiting Jasper:

What to Do in Jasper, Georgia in the Fall

1. Lookout Mountain Parkway

Lookout Mountain Parkway is a great place to visit for a fall foliage trip. The parkway offers beautiful views and lots of places to stop along the way. You will find plenty of restaurants, shops, and other fun activities at these stops. It is also effortless to get around on foot or by car because there are not many hills. It makes Jasper perfect if you want to take your time exploring all the sights while enjoying the beauty of autumn colors.

2. Fainting Goat Vineyards and Winery

Tourists who are a fan of wine will love this winery located on the southeast side of Burnt Mountain. They have an extensive selection of wines that are grown from the finest French vines. Visitors can enjoy a glass of wine and enjoy the scenic mountain view from their 50-foot veranda.

3. Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest

There are tons of hiking trails that you can explore and spend hours doing so. If you are more adventurous, then head over to the Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest in Jasper. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, this national forest spans nearly 867,000 acres across 26 counties, boasts thousands of miles of clear-running streams and rivers and has approximately 850 miles of recreation trails.

4. Talking Rock

Talking Rock is a town whose history is rich with stories. It is located in Pickets County, which is a short drive from Jasper. During the third whole weekend of October, this town holds the two-day Heritage Days Festival. Vendors gather together for this festival for food and music, and the admission and parking for the festival are free.

If you are exploring Talking Rock, it is also a good idea to visit Hollyhocks Antique Shop. It is home to a collection of antiques, unique furniture, and exciting gift items. Talking Rock Park is another place where you can enjoy a picnic by the creek with your friends or family.

5. Waldmet Cellars

Waldmet Cellars is one of the oldest vineyards in Georgia. It is Jasper’s first meadery, and they have an impressive selection of craft meads and more. Waldmet Cellars is perfect for tourists who want to explore what nature has to offer in liquid form. Tourists can also explore the land’s sustainable agriculture, including diverse orchards, vineyards, apiary, and supporting systems.

6. Eagle’s Rest Park

Eagle’s Rest Park is one of the most popular parks located in Oglethorpe Mountain. Visitors can choose one of their hiking trails to explore for a fun day outdoors. During a hike in Eagle’s Rest Park, you can see a variety of seasonal wildflowers and native azaleas. The park is rich in history, and it’s a great place to visit if you enjoy birding because of the diverse wildlife.


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