How Do You Know If You Need a New Thermostat?

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Thermostats are an important part of your heating and cooling system. They regulate heat and temperature throughout your house, ensuring comfort and safety. While most people don’t think about it much, specific issues indicate that you need a new thermostat. So what are the different signs? Read on to know more.

1. Your Thermostat Is Not Working At All.

Thermostats that stop working altogether can indicate that you have more significant problems than just a faulty unit. For example, if your thermostat won’t turn off at all, it’s probably time to replace it. The same goes for when it keeps turning itself back on after being turned off or vice versa. A damaged internal component usually causes these issues, so they will require extensive repairs or a replacement before you can use your HVAC system again.

2. You Suddenly Have High Energy Bills.

When your thermostat isn’t working correctly, you’ll notice that your energy bills are higher than usual. There is no way to control how hot or cold your home gets due to malfunctioning equipment. You must pay more money for electricity to maintain the correct temperature indoors. It’s a good idea to have your thermostat checked and replaced when you face this issue.

3. Your Home Isn’t Cooling or Heating Enough.

Your thermostat should regulate the temperature inside your home during both the summer and winter seasons. When it doesn’t do this, you may want to consider replacing it with a new model. The same goes for thermostats that have constant temperature swings. Replacing your thermostat will be easier to keep your home comfortable throughout the year. Some models have built-in sensors that help detect whether your home is too warm or too cool.

4. Your Thermostat Won’t Display the Temperature Correctly.

Your thermostat needs to display accurate temperatures to ensure that your home stays comfortable. So when your thermostat starts to give inaccurate readings, you might want to have it checked out. It’s also possible that the sensor has been damaged. So make sure that you get a replacement one when needed.

5. Your HVAC System Is Short Cycling.

Short cycles happen when the cooling or heating process occurs only once every few seconds. It means that your air conditioner or heater won’t work continuously like it used to. Instead, it will turn on and off frequently. These causes wear and tear on your HVAC system. As such, you should check the operation of your HVAC system, including your thermostat.

6. Your Thermostat Is Outdated.

Lastly, you should replace your thermostat when it’s already past its lifespan. Most thermostats continue working correctly for at least ten years. So if your thermostat is already more than ten years old, it’s best to replace it to keep your HVAC system running properly.

Thermostat Services at Tri-County Heating and Air

Whether you just need a routine check-up or a total replacement, Tri-County Heating and Air offers professional thermostat services for our clients. Our team is here to help you find the best solution for keeping your home comfortable. To know more about our services, contact us today at 770-735-1994.


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