What Are Common Causes of AC Compressor Failure?

aircon compressor problems

aircon compressor problems

While an air conditioning system provides comfort when the weather gets too hot and humid, its failure can be frustrating and expensive. Oftentimes, the reason for a broken AC is because there are problems with the compressor. The compressor is the heart of your air conditioning system, which means your AC system can’t function without it.

Though some causes of AC compressor failure are easy to fix, others require costly repairs or the replacement of the entire system. Either way, it’s important to know its common causes so you can prevent any breakdowns in the future. This article discusses different causes of AC compressor failure and how to avoid them.

How to Avoid These Causes of AC Compressor Failure?

1. Refrigerant Issues

The refrigerant allows your compressor to function properly, and an undercharged or overcharged refrigerant can cause failure. Improper levels of charging will overwork your compressor and be the culprit for a compressor breakdown.

How to avoid: Remember to always have a qualified individual charge your refrigerant. This problem usually stems from a technician who has limited knowledge about how to charge refrigerants properly.

2. Dirty Coils

Dirty coils due to dirt buildup can also be the cause of your AC compressor’s failure. Since AC compressors are always working to expel hot air, a system with dirty coils needs to work overtime. Without proper heat transfer, the compressor can break down and overheat, leaving you with a faulty AC compressor.

How to avoid: Regular maintenance and cleaning of your AC system’s coils and air filters to monitor any dirt and dust buildup on them. For frozen coils, you can turn off your AC to let the coils thaw.

3. Insufficient Oil Lubricant

Proper levels of oil lubricant in your AC system is essential since it provides a seal between the high pressure and low pressure sides of its compressor. Without proper lubrication, the compressor needs to work harder to cool the air, which eventually leads to its failure.

How to avoid: Watch out for the early signs of insufficient oil lubricant such as unusual humming noises and scoring on the load-bearing surfaces.

4. Electrical Problems

Another culprit for AC compressor failure is damages inside the system. Electrical damages such as broken wires and fuses can lead to an acid buildup, causing AC compressor failure. This requires costly repairs since it can affect your entire system and you would usually need to replace your AC.

How to avoid: Early inspection of any electrical damages by a skilled technician.

5. Contaminants Inside the AC

Contaminants in your AC can also be the reason for compressor failure. Moisture, dirt, acid, and pest droppings are all common yet unavoidable contaminants that can affect your AC’s performance.

How to avoid: While it’s difficult to prevent this from happening since most AC systems are housed outdoors, you can try covering the unit with a protective material. Regular maintenance from technicians is also recommended.

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