When Is It Time to Clean My HVAC System’s Ductwork?

Man Taking Down an Air Duct Filter

The ductwork is an integral part of your home’s HVAC system. It’s responsible for keeping your indoor environment comfortable by circulating conditioned air throughout your home, and it can be a significant source of problems and headaches if not properly maintained. In this article, we’ll talk about some signs that your ductwork needs cleaning so that your HVAC system can function normally for longer.

1. Your home smells like mold or mildew. 

A dirty HVAC ductwork can make your home smell terrible. Mold spores are often found in moist environments such as bathrooms, kitchens, basements, crawlspaces, and unfinished areas. If you notice an odor coming from your vents, it could be caused by poor ventilation through your ductwork, and it means there may be too much moisture trapped inside your ducts, which allows mold to grow.

2. You have trouble cooling or heating your home.

Another sign that your ductwork needs cleaning is when you find yourself having problems with your AC or heater. You might feel your home is colder than usual during the winter or warmer than expected during the summer. The reason for this is that your ductwork cannot circulate enough warm or cool air around your home. Dirt has probably accumulated in your ductwork, making it difficult for your HVAC unit to move the right amount of air around.

3. Your home feels stuffy.

If you’re finding yourself feeling more uncomfortable in your home than usual, it may be because your ductwork is full of dust and debris. Dust and dirt collect on the surfaces of the ducts over time, causing them to become less efficient at moving air. When this happens, heat rises, and cold air sinks, resulting in a lack of comfort in your home.

4. Pests are infesting your ductwork. 

If you’re finding ants, spiders, rodents, and other pests in your ductwork, then it’s a sure sign that your ductwork is dirty. These pests thrive in damp conditions, and if your ductwork is leaking water into your home, it will provide a perfect breeding ground for them. It’s essential to have your HVAC system cleaned right away in the case of a pest infestation because they can spread quickly.

5. Your energy bill is higher than usual.

HVAC systems that don’t work correctly because of dirty ductwork use more energy. Dirty ductwork causes your HVAC system to run more frequently to maintain the temperature of your home. It increases your utility bill, making it harder to pay off your monthly expenses. So if you notice that your energy bills are higher than usual, then you may want to check whether your ductwork needs cleaning.

Best Ductwork Cleaning at Tri-County Heating and Air

Clean ductwork allows air to flow freely in your home, allowing you to enjoy a healthy indoor environment without any unnecessary allergens. At Tri-County Heating and Air, our team offers ductwork cleaning services for clients in Jasper, Georgia, and other nearby areas. To know more about our services, you may call us at (770) 735-1994.


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