Why Do I Add Freon to My System Every Year?

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When taking care of your air conditioner, you need to know when to refresh it with new refrigerant and when to change air filters so cold air continues blowing throughout your house. Sometimes, people think their air conditioner is broken but haven’t checked for low refrigerant levels, and AC repair services get house calls for it year after year. We’re going to teach you how to replenish the Freon for your air conditioning system and how often you should do it so you don’t waste time and money.

Do I Need an AC Replacement?

An AC installation can last you for many years, so feeling it blow air at room temperature, especially when your unit is less than 5 years old, might just mean you need a new refrigerant charge.

However, air conditioners do not just “use up” or burn through refrigerant. If your unit is low on Freon, there is most likely a leak in its air delivery system, and you need to plug it before you add refrigerant later. You don’t need a replacement right away; you just need to find the leak somewhere in the pipes. There are some cases when you need to replace your unit, such as when it’s still using R22 Freon, which has been phased out because of the harm it causes to the environment.

How to Spot and Manage a Refrigerant Leak

The refrigerant in your air conditioner should last for its life. This is why air conditioning technologies using R22 from many years ago are still in operation today.

A leak in a unit’s refrigerant system will start small, often taking weeks or months before it affects the unit’s efficiency. When you hear weird noises from your air conditioner, check the refrigerant line for any air bubbles using a water softener because they will form as a leak that accelerates whenever it’s running. Some people report a hissing sound coming from the area of the leak.

Mix soap and water in a bucket and then apply it with a brush to the suspected area of the leak. That area will usually be dirty because refrigerants will coagulate like oil, with all the dust your AC has accumulated over months and weeks. If you’ve spotted a rupture, call up a technician to identify if you have R22 air conditioning, and so the technician can safely add refrigerant without causing further damage to your AC unit.

When to Change Air Filters

Changing the filter on your AC unit is no longer an “all rights reserved” case for a technician. You could do it today with a little help from the internet. If you live in a house with pets or reside in a polluted or dusty area where your allergies are often triggered, once every three weeks is a good replacement schedule.

When to Consult a Professional

Air conditioners can have different anatomies, so read your printed manual or access it online to figure out where the air filter is located. Simply pull it out and slide a new one in, then you can enjoy clean and refreshing air once again.

However, if you’ve lost your manual or you can’t figure it out, contact the top-rated HVAC repair team in Jasper, GA: Tri-County Heating and Air. Call us at (770) 735-1994, or schedule an appointment online.


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