Why Do I Have Water Around My Indoor Unit?

technician fixing ac unit

One of the most common calls that air conditioning repair technicians get is about leaking water coming from the indoor unit, sometimes causing the partial flooding of a room. Your air conditioner manages the humidity in a room through the use of two parts: the condenser and the evaporator. A condenser is located in the outside of your AC unit, pumping out hot air so an evaporator coil on the inside can replace it with cold air.

As these two parts work in concert, condensation forms from the evaporator coil, eventually dripping down a drain pan into a condensate drain line that takes it to your outdoor plumbing. A properly working air conditioner will have no leaks or clogs in its system, but as they are a manufactured product, they’re prone to defects and breakdowns now and then.

How to Spot a Clogged Drain Line

The drain line of your air conditioner is exposed to the outside elements. It’s susceptible to clogging from mold, grime, dirt, and a thousand other things, and should a clog occur, the condensation from your AC coil will have no choice but to flow back into your home.

If you see your AC drain clogged, simply put the nozzle of a wet/dry vacuum at the end of a condensate pipe to unseat the blockage and whatever water is left in there. The rest of your AC unit, along with its evaporator coils and other parts, should return to normal operation.

A Bad Evaporator Coil

Sometimes, it’s the coils themselves that might be causing the outflow of water. If you have an unclean evaporator coil, its dirty condensation will mix with the water and other material in the drain pan and can end up clogging the drain line. This part needs annual cleaning in combination with a few other maintenance plans for your AC’s parts to keep them working correctly.

A Bad Condensate Pump

When your air conditioner unit is located in the basement of your home, you might not notice the water forming a pool until the air conditioner stops working altogether. A condensate pump takes the water from a low place in your home to your outside plumbing, and if the pump breaks, you will need a technician to help you replace it.

A Dirty Air Filter

Once upon a time, the replacement of an air filter was an “all rights reserved” practice only AC repair technicians knew. Today, you can read your manual and find out that a dirty filter can block the air from flowing through the coils in your unit, which will end up encased in ice. Water will drip as it inevitably melts, so check your filter at least once every three months to see if the filter needs replacement.

Low Refrigerant Levels

Low refrigerant levels are commonly caused by a rupture in your AC’s Freon line and should be checked to prevent damage to the compressor. An insufficient supply of refrigerant will cause your unit’s coils to freeze and then melt into the drain pan.

When You Need Professional Help

At Tri-County Heating & Air, we offer expert repair and maintenance plans for all your HVAC, heating, and air conditioning needs. We do refrigerator repairs, filter replacements, and compressor repairs at competitive prices while getting the job done right the first time. Contact us today at 770-735-1994, or schedule an appointment online.


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