Why Is My AC System Not Blowing Cold Air?

When people try to search the internet to find out why their AC system is blowing air at room temperature, they get results like a possible refrigerant leak, broken evaporator coils, clunky thermostat controls, and a bunch of other technical maladies. It can get overwhelming very quickly. As you read through this piece, you will gain a few good ideas on how to get your AC system blowing cold air like new again.

Your Thermostat

There is little more infuriating than coming back from a long day and finding that your air conditioner has failed to cool your living space.

The first thing to check when this happens is your thermostat setting. If your thermostat is switched on, your air conditioner fan will keep running even if the refrigerant line is shut down.

Set your thermostat to “off,” and see if your AC starts blowing cold air again.

Check Your Air Filter

Many problems with air conditioners stem from long-neglected air filters. When your unit’s air filter is stopped up with dust and pollutants, the clogged filter will stifle the air flow coming from your air conditioner’s motor.

Back when units were hulking bodies of tin and metal, replacing a filter is an “all rights reserved” practice for technicians. Today, with a simple reading of your manual, you can learn to solve this problem by yourself.

Replace your air filter every three to six months, or the dirty air filter can cause an ice buildup in your evaporator coils. When your coils have turned into solid blocks of ice, the iced-up coils will stop any cooling action that will come from your air conditioner.

How Is Your Outdoor Unit Doing?

One of the first things an HVAC technician will check is the connection between your evaporator and condenser. After the evaporator has taken the heat from inside your home, it will dispel the heat through the condenser, which is the outside unit. A problem with one of the two will prevent cool air from being induced by your unit.

Make sure that your condenser is clean and free of any blockage so it can freely dispel your room’s accumulated heat. No matter how much cold air your unit blows, it will struggle to maintain a stable cold temperature if warm air is not taken out through an exhaust. Check to see if your condenser fan needs replacement, and ask for professional help when shopping for the right one.

When to Call for Professional AC Repair

There is no shame in calling an air conditioning repair service to avoid further damage from DIY repairs. Contact an emergency service if you experience one of these problems:

A Broken Compressor

The compressor of an air conditioner will move Freon between the evaporator and the condenser. Replacing it can be very impractical because it can cost as much as a new AC unit by itself. When you’ve touched up everything and you think your compressor may be the problem, contact a repair service immediately for a reliable fix.

Inadequate Refrigerant

The Freon in your unit should last for its lifetime. If you notice a hissing sound when you turn it on, the unit may be sporting a refrigerant leak. An unchecked leak can wreak havoc on your compressor, so call a professional if you ever notice this in your system.

Keep Your Supply of Cold Air Trouble-Free

Industrial HVAC systems and residential air conditioners all need maintenance plans to keep them working flawlessly. At Tri-County Heating and Air, we will make sure that your AC parts are properly working to maintain steady cold air flow. Call us at 770-735-1994 or schedule an appointment online to get a visit from our certified technicians who are the best in Jasper, GA.


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