Why Is My Heating System Not Working?

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Now that the colder months are here, our heater is getting a lot of use. It means that it’s essential to know whether or not your heating system is working correctly and if there might be any problems with its operation. If you’re having trouble figuring out what could be wrong with your heater, then this article will help explain some of the most common heating system issues.

1. Dirty Air Filters

A dirty air filter can affect how well your furnace works. The more dirt in an air filter, the less efficient it remove particles from the air. To check for dust buildup on your filters, simply look inside them. You should see no visible signs of debris when they’re clean.

However, if you find something stuck between the fibers of the filter material, remove it immediately by gently brushing off as much of the debris as possible. Then wash the area thoroughly using soap and water to remove all traces of residue. Afterward, rinse the filter again until the water runs clear before returning it into position.

2. Wiring Problems

Another problem that may cause your heating system to malfunction is poor wiring connections. When wires get loose or become damaged over time, they can interfere with other unit parts, causing malfunction.

To know whether or not your wiring has deteriorated, turn off your power supply, then open up each fuse box near your thermostat that controls the electric flow. Afterward, look for anything unusual such as broken fuses or burnt-out bulbs.

3. The Thermostat’s Batteries Are Low

If your thermostat runs on batteries, then it’s a good idea to check its charge level periodically. A low battery can prevent your home’s temperature settings from being adjusted correctly. Remember to check and replace your thermostat’s batteries at least once every year to keep your heating system running smoothly. You can also choose to upgrade to a newer model which uses rechargeable batteries or electricity instead.

4. There Is an Issue With the Heat Exchanger

The heat exchangers found within furnaces are responsible for transferring heat energy from one medium to another. They usually consist of copper tubing wrapped around aluminum fins which allow heat to pass through while keeping moisture away. If your heating system is not working, it could mean that the heat exchanger needs replacement.

5. Your Furnace Needs Service

Your furnace needs regular service to ensure that everything is running smoothly. Having your furnace regularly serviced also helps avoid costly repairs down the road. Some standard furnace maintenance includes the following:

  • Cleaning the blower motor
  • Checking the fan blades
  • Inspecting the combustion chamber
  • Changing the oil
  • Testing the gas valve
  • Ensuring that the ductwork is free of obstructions

Furnace Repair at Tri-County Heating & Air

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