Why Is the Thermostat Not Working?

old thermostat

old thermostat

A broken thermostat is incapable of reaching or maintaining your desired temperature at home. It could be frustrating, especially in the summer heat. Several factors can cause a faulty thermostat. Learning about them can help you solve the problem and save you from the inconveniences that come with it.

Read on to know the reasons why your thermostat isn’t working.

6 Common Reasons Why the Thermostat Isn’t Working

1. Dirt and Dust in the Thermostat

Dirt and dust are some of the most common reasons why your thermostat can’t reach the right temperature. Debris that accumulates in a thermostat can clog the air filter and cause it to malfunction. Clean your thermostat with a dry toothbrush or paintbrush to remove the debris. Be careful not to use anything damp since moisture can cause more damage.

2. Dead Batteries

Check your thermostat’s batteries regularly. When it seems faulty, the cause can be as simple as dead batteries. Replacing batteries regularly is often overlooked. If it has been a long time since you last replaced the batteries, this might be the cause why the thermostat is not working. Try replacing them and see if it solves the problem. Don’t forget to check whether you placed the batteries correctly once you’ve replaced them, too.

3. Incorrect Thermostat Setting

Sometimes, your thermostat seems like it’s not working properly because it’s not configured correctly. For example, if you’ve accidentally set your thermostat on the fan setting, it won’t blow cold air. It might lead you to think that you have a broken thermostat. Check your thermostat’s user manual for further instructions about this issue.

4. Electrical Problems

Electrical problems can cause problems with your thermostat. Loose, broken, or corroded wires can result in having a faulty thermostat. If the wire is loose, the thermostat is not getting the right amount of power, which prevents it from reaching or maintaining your ideal temperature. To know if this is the case, look at your thermostat’s display. If it shows a blank display, it can indicate that there are some underlying electrical problems.

5. Improper Thermostat Placing

For a thermostat to work correctly and reach the desired temperature, it must be located in a neutral temperature area. The functionality of a thermostat can be affected by its surrounding temperature. If you put the thermostat somewhere too hot or cold, the ambient temperature can interfere with reaching your desired temperature.

6. Old Thermostat

An old thermostat poses many problems. Most thermostats last a decade. Replace yours immediately if it has been a decade old or longer. Proper maintenance of your thermostat can prolong its life a little, but it is recommended to replace an old one. Additionally, replacing it with a new model can help you save on your energy bill since new thermostats are more energy-efficient. New models also offer convenience since you can get a programmable one.

Tri-County Heating and Air for Thermostat Repair

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